Ottoman Hamam & Spa

An empire such as Ottoman Empire who survived in ages, left behind many works reflect the culture and structures. Turkish Bath was one of these structures. If a question will be asked to the customers who are visiting our country or someone who has a knowledge with Turks what comes first if you heard Turkey or Ottoman, the vast majority of the response will be “Turkish Bath”. Because the “Turkish Bath” is in indispensable part of social life and a symbol of a culture that passed through the generations. “Turkish Bath” in the Ottoman society was a venue where every kind of pleasure and entertainment be experienced. In the modern days also enables our culture be experienced. As “Ottoman Turkish Bath” we are willing to do our best to deliver the culture of the Ottoman and Turkish traditions.

Relax Massage

It is a kind of massage used as a general relaxation and softening method to enable the body to start the day energetically. It also helps to get away from the everyday exhaustion of life. What is important here is to ensure that people can relax and enjoy the environment they are in. During the massage which is given with Western technique and massage oils, you will feel that your body gets into shape, your blood circulation gets faster and your muscles and articulars relax.

Aroma Massage

It is a massage technique which is given applying the massage oils prepared with the mixtures derived from nectars with soft touches. In this massage what we care for is that the tempo is low and the intensity of the moves is soft. During the massage, both the touch and the chemical characteristics of the oils leave a relaxing, comforting and soothing effect. After the massage, people have a healthy soul, body and mental capacity getting away from the everyday stress of life.

Afrika Massage

It is a kind of intense moisture and aroma massage given by the African masseurs. After the anti-stress massage with the cocoa oil, hot chocolate is applied all over the body. Cocoa which contains Ginseng and vitamin E has an anti-aging effect. It moisturizes and refreshes the body. It reduces tenseness and thanks to the massage the body, memory and soul get refreshed because this massage enables intense release of happiness hormone due to the smell of chocolate and endorphin inside the chocolate.

Tai Massage

It is an active massage system based on the principle of body stretching, increasing elasticity, awakening internal organs, reducing stress and balancing body energy system. During the session, essential or base oils are not applied and the session is practiced on the futon bed. The person receiving the massage service is to change his/her position during the session according to the directions coming from the therapist. Although the person gets uneasy during the massage, after the massage he/she feels a significant amount of relaxation.

Bali Massage

With steam distillation method had been removed by using plant extracts and plant oils, the most important feature of this aromatherapy massage is to strengthen the self-improvement potential of the body. In addition, increases blood circulation, provides relief by reducing muscular tension. The massage which is applied to all of the body with powerful movements, shows the effect by concentrating in the hand and foot area.Which is used the oils at Balinese massage are extremely various and mostly used fruits and plants are pineapple, coconut, pine and lavender.

4 Hand Massage

4 hand therapy which has a thousand-year old background is composed of 3 different massages –Sweden, shiatsu and reflexology- and is applied to the whole body. 4 hands moving in a synchronous way by two therapists take you to the top of relaxation and make you feel blissful and special. After the massage the body is purified from the stress. It helps the person to have a deep and healthy sleep. With 4 hand massage which is applied in our VIP rooms and our special offerings you will experience very special minutes at the climax of luxury along with the massage.

Golden Body Mask

Gold helps to regulate the energy flow throughout the body. Besides it ensures that oxygen production is increased and memory and soul are rebalanced. The golden mask which is applied with the 24 carat gold going through special processing enables balancing effects on the cell functions, stores moisture for the body, reduces slight lines and wrinkles, prolongs the lives of the cells by triggering cell renewal. Therefore the gold therapy is known as one of the most effective and natural anti-aging methods.

Mud Bath

Ottoman offers natural beauty and health methods in the deep history to its visitors with the newest techniques with a journey through time. Thermal water is effective for rheumatism, muscular exhaustion, neurotic illnesses, joint and arthritis diseases and kidney and urinary tract treatments. This thermal water is 39°C and contains sulphur, chloride and radioactive gases. It is believed that mud bath which is famous as a beauty elixir makes people 10 years younger. You will enjoy getting younger at Ottoman.

Fish Spa

Yeni balık spa konsepti tamamen yeni ve ferahlatıcı kaplıca tedavisiyle popüler bir alternatiftir. Balık Pedikürü: Ayağınızı bir akvaryumun içine koyuyorsunuz ve yaklaşık 150 tane balık sayesinde ölü ayak derilerinizden kurtuluyorsunuz. Akvaryumun “Garra rufa” isimli balığın dişleri olmadığı için ölü ayak derilerinizi ısırırken siz de hiçbir acı hissetmiyorsunuz. Ayrıca içine bir de sazan balığı koyuyoruz ki sazan balığının egzama gibi ciltteki önemli rahatsızlıklara iyi geldiği zaten biliniyor. Sizin için en iyisini düşünüyoruz.